Meet Our Staff

Our # 1 philosophy has always been to provide patients and their families a satisfying pharmacy experience. If you prefer a pharmacy that recognizes you and greets you in a friendly manner, Carrboro Family Pharmacy may be a good option for you.

The professional staff is very customer aware, and they're always ready to take total care of your pharmaceutical needs efficiently and accurately. Our dedicated pharmacists are always available to provide you patient counseling and monitor your medications for drug interactions and potential side effects. The pharmacists work directly with your physicians office for your refills and other issues to save you time. Our pharmacy technicians are experts in organizing the day to day activities of our business. They work very closely with our pharmacists to create an atmosphere of harmony for everyone.

In the end, our success depends on our service to you. We want to invite you to come in and check us out. We think you'll find what many of our loyal customers have realized over the last decade. We are committed to the utmost in customer satisfaction. Why should anyone expect anything less when it comes to pharmacy care?

From left to right:

Brennan Ragan

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Keiko Bury, Pharm.D


Ben Cutrell, RPh

Pharmacist and Owner

Brian Ellison, Pharm.D

Pharmacist Manager

Marilyn McGrath

Customer Service Specialist


We also employ 5 to 6 part-time
UNC Pharmacy and Biology students